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Paper Chandelier Birds

Paper Chandelier Birds

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The Paper Chandelier Birds is a charming and artistic lighting fixture that adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to various spaces in your home. Here's a closer look at this unique and creative chandelier:

Design: The chandelier features a captivating design inspired by origami paper art. It showcases delicately crafted paper birds that create a sense of movement and life, resembling a flock of birds in flight. The origami-inspired design lends a sense of creativity and artistic beauty to the chandelier.

Material: The chandelier is constructed using paper elements, which are carefully designed and folded to create the bird shapes. The combination of paper and light results in a warm and inviting glow that illuminates the birds' forms.

LED Lighting: The chandelier is equipped with LED lights that provide energy-efficient and gentle illumination. The LED lights cast a soft and diffused glow that enhances the ambient atmosphere of the room, creating a cozy and inviting environment.

Versatile Placement: The Paper Chandelier Birds is suitable for various settings, including restaurants, living rooms, dining rooms, children's rooms, and more. Its versatile design allows it to complement different interior styles and themes.

Unique Decor Piece: With its distinctive paper bird design, this chandelier doubles as a unique and eye-catching decorative piece even when not illuminated. It can serve as a focal point that draws attention and adds a touch of artistic flair to your space.

Children's Room: The playful and whimsical design of the paper birds makes the chandelier a great addition to a children's room or nursery. The birds' shapes can captivate children's imaginations and create a magical ambiance.

Dimmable Option: Depending on the specific model, some versions of the Paper Chandelier Birds may offer a dimmable feature, allowing you to adjust the brightness level to suit different occasions and moods.

Assembly: Some versions of this chandelier may require assembly to attach the paper birds to the fixture. This process can be a creative and engaging activity, allowing you to participate in the final look of the chandelier.

Designer Aesthetic: The chandelier's origami-inspired design brings a touch of contemporary and designer aesthetic to your living space. It reflects a combination of modern artistry and functional lighting.

Warm and Inviting: The warm and soft glow emitted by the LED lights creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. It can be particularly effective in creating cozy and intimate dining or relaxation areas.

Customizable: Depending on the specific product, you may have the option to customize the number of birds, colors, and arrangement of the chandelier, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences and the room's décor.

The Paper Chandelier Birds is a beautiful fusion of art and lighting that elevates the ambiance of your space. Its unique origami design, LED illumination, and versatile placement options make it a captivating addition to various rooms, transforming them into enchanting and stylish environments.

Warranty: 5 years

Voltage: 110V,220V,90-260V

Switch Type: Knob switch

Style: Modern Style

Shade Type: Shadeless

Shade Direction: Up & Down

Power Source: AC

Model Number: chandelier birds

Light Source: Fluorescent

Item Type: Chandeliers

Is Dimmable: Yes

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Installation Type: Semi-flush Mount

Finish: Polished Chrome

Features: chandelier birds

Brand Name: Queen Life décor

Body Material: iron

Base Type: Wedge

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