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2 in 1 Hand Dryer and Sensor Faucet - Hot & Cold Basin Tap

2 in 1 Hand Dryer and Sensor Faucet - Hot & Cold Basin Tap

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Experience modern convenience in your bathroom with our innovative 2 in 1 Design Hand Dryer and Sensor Faucet – a perfect fusion of practicality and technology that enhances your bathroom in hotels or at home. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this innovative solution isn't just a fixture – it's a statement of efficiency that complements your space while providing both a hand dryer and a sensor faucet in one sleek unit.

Designed with a user-friendly approach, this 2 in 1 fixture combines a high-speed jet air hand dryer with a sensor-activated hot and cold water faucet. This means that after washing your hands, you can simply activate the hand dryer without the need for separate towels or paper.

Imagine the convenience of washing your hands and then effortlessly drying them with the built-in hand dryer, all while appreciating the space-saving and efficient design this unit brings to your bathroom. Whether it's for busy hotel restrooms or your own home, this 2 in 1 solution becomes an essential and technologically advanced element.

Elevate your bathroom experience with our 2 in 1 Design Hand Dryer and Sensor Faucet – where innovation meets convenience in perfect harmony. Transform your space into a haven of modern efficiency and enjoy the luxury of having a fixture that not only enhances your bathroom but also contributes to the overall functionality and aesthetics of your living environment.

Voltage (V): 220V

Type3: 2 in 1 hand dryer and faucet

Type2: Touchless sensor faucet

Type1: Brushless automatic hand dryer

Sensor: Yes

Power (W): 1150W

Model Number: HSD-3871

Brand Name: interhasa

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