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Electric Heated Towel Rack - Towel Dryer

Electric Heated Towel Rack - Towel Dryer

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Upgrade your bathroom with our Electric Heated Towel Rack – a versatile and innovative addition that adds a touch of comfort and functionality to your space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this towel dryer isn't just a fixture – it's a smart solution that enhances your bathroom decor while ensuring your towels are warm, dry, and even sterilized.

Designed with stainless steel construction, this electric heated towel rack boasts durability and a sleek aesthetic. The innovative smart technology allows you to control the temperature and timing, ensuring that your towels are always warm and cozy when you need them.

Imagine the luxury of stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, dry towel, all while knowing that the towels have been sterilized for your peace of mind. Whether it's a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath, this towel rack becomes an essential element that elevates your bathroom experience.

Elevate your bathroom with our Electric Heated Towel Rack – where comfort meets innovation in perfect harmony. Transform your space into a haven of warmth and convenience, and enjoy the luxury of having a smart towel rack that not only keeps your towels cozy but also enhances the hygiene of your bathroom environment.

Voltage: 110V-250V

Temperature: 55±5℃

Surface Finishing: Lacquered

Shell heat conduction medium: Aluminum alloy

Power plug: Line length 1.2m standard plug

Power: 70W

Material: Stainless Steel

Install Style: Wall Mounted Type

Heating Mode: Carbon fiber

Color: White and black

Certification: CE,RoHS

Brand Name: FS-Vdream

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