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Towel Heating Disinfection Cabinet - UV High Temperature Disinfection

Towel Heating Disinfection Cabinet - UV High Temperature Disinfection

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Introducing the 23L Towel Heating Disinfection Cabinet with UV High-Temperature Disinfection – a state-of-the-art spa and beauty equipment designed to provide impeccable hygiene and comfort. This Towel Warmer is an essential addition to your beauty salon or spa, ensuring your clients receive the highest level of cleanliness and relaxation.

Crafted with precision, this cabinet combines heating and UV disinfection to create a sterilization process that exceeds industry standards. The 23L capacity offers ample space to warm and disinfect towels, ensuring they are not only warm but also free from harmful microorganisms.

Ideal for nail enhancement tools, towels, and other spa essentials, this cabinet provides the utmost convenience and hygiene. The UV high-temperature disinfection process ensures that your tools and towels are thoroughly sterilized, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your clients.

With its advanced technology, this Towel Heating Disinfection Cabinet enhances the professionalism of your spa or beauty salon. The combination of warmth and disinfection elevates the client experience, making it not only relaxing but also reassuring.

Upgrade your spa or beauty salon with this cutting-edge beauty equipment. Embrace the highest standards of hygiene and comfort, reflecting your commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your clients. Let this cabinet enhance your spa's reputation and become an integral part of your pursuit of excellence in the beauty and wellness industry.

Weight: 5 kg

Temperature: 70 ℃ ± 10

Size: 45 x 31 x 36 cm

Power Source: Electric

Power: 220W

 Model Number: ALC371


Disinfection time: 30mins

Color: White

Capacity: 23L

Brand Name: VamsLuna

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